"been in trouble ever since I set my suitcase down…"

Month: May, 2014

Durham, North Carolina

photo 9

I drove this beast from Ohio to North Carolina.

Well, the move is over, but the chaos is not. It will probably still be another week or two until I’m back to my regular postings; there’s just so much to do to set up in a new town! We’re loving it here though, and things are exciting and scary and new and we’re full of all sorts of mushed up feelings. Everything still seems unfamiliar. Though Kris already has the town mapped out perfectly in his brain, I get lost the minute I get more than two minutes away from our apartment. We still feel a bit like we’re on vacation, wondering when we have to turn around and go back. I suspect we’ll be experiencing “pinch me” moments for a while yet.

photo 6

Right now I’m sitting in my new apartment, sun flooding in through the windows, while a load of laundry runs in our hand-me-down washer (thanks Andy and Katie!). We went four days without water when we first arrived and it’s nice to here it running in the background after having gone without. We’re a short walk away from a brewery, a coffee shop, several food trucks, the farmer’s market, and two outdoor restaurants. Heaven? Pretty much. Our house is still a mess, and we’re knee deep in make-it-yourself projects with my Mom set to arrive for a visit in a week and Kris’s parents in about two and a half weeks. We’re still feeling the craziness, and will for a while I suspect, but it’s a wonderfully new feeling for us.

In short, this post is my attempt to blanket-address all of those people who have been begging me for updates. If you don’t me, I apologize if you’re here for the design features I usually do. I promise, they will return soon. And if you do know me, I will be trying to drop you a real email in the coming days. In the meantime, some photos from the move…

photo 7

Zooey tries to find some normalcy amidst the chaos.

photo 10

Hush puppies from our first meal at Geer Street Garden. Our first night in town.

photo 2

Already enjoying the variety of living in a city. Kris waits for his meal at Bull City Burger.

photo 3

Eating (and drinking) at Motorco with Rachel Pattin and Mama Pattin before Rachel departed for the mountains.

photo 4

In our days without water and electricity I grabbed a delicious coffee before work: Counter Culture Coffee from Cocoa Cinnamon.

photo 5

One of the lovely, large, bright windows in our new home. I love the light in this place and all the trees I can see from my windows.

photo 11

I think this is the first time I saw Zooey actually get comfortable in the new house. It took her a few days.

photo 12

The bedroom. Still unfinished, but we’re getting somewhere.

photo 13

Planted these guys the day after we arrived in celebration of all the sunlight in the apartment.


Blogging and Moving

I know, I haven’t blogged in a week and a half. My excuse, you ask? Not only have I been sick, but I am currently packing up 7 years of my life into boxes with my boyfriend and my cat and moving across the country… in less than two weeks. Yup, I’m freaking out a bit. And yeah, I’m insanely busy. And guess what, blogging and moving are proving to be mutually exclusive activities. For that, I apologize. ┬áRather than confound everyone with my continued absence, I’m going to make it official. I’m taking a blogging hiatus until settled in my new home in Durham, North Carolina. I may get a few posts up here and there (trust me, I’ve found so many things I’m longing to write about), but it is unlikely. I have fully accepted that. For now, enjoy this snapshot of my cat, who is starting to pudge up again thanks to Kris’s generous hand when it comes to measuring out her food.