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Month: June, 2014

Saturday Snapshot

My Saturday is going to be a particularly boring one, so I’m breaking my Saturday Snapshot “rules” by using a) someone else’s snapshot, and b) a snapshot that has nothing to do with what I’m doing right now. This is my twin: musician and generally goofy badass. This is what he is up to right now.


Thomas Sires


Thomas Sires is the  easy-wear fashion line by duo Fiona Thomas and Allison Sires. Most known for their attention to small detail, Everything from the fit, to the placement of buttons and belt loops, is changed and tested until perfected. Both fans of small details, Thomas and Sires love to experiment in small ways to see what customers respond to. Their pieces are classic with slight twists and creative flares. Their jumpsuits are perfectly wearable, their sweaters soft and incredibly well-fitting, and each piece full of beautiful, small details: tiny tucks, little pleats, shapely collars. Their summer line is simply perfect. You can see and shop some of their collection at Of/A/Kind, follow them on Facebook or Tumblr, or check out the few things they have listed on their own web shop. I’ll take one of everything.






Hopewell Workshop, New Release


Hopewell Workshop has just released a new line of quilted pillows that are large, cozy, and super fantastic! My favorite photos of the pillows are on their Instagram, so be sure to check them here out here and here! You can shop the rest of their collection online, which has just been refurbished with new, brightly colored quilts and other American made textiles. Enjoy!

BIGBRIGHT_sprucegoose_grande BIGBRIGHT_springtide_grande BIGBRIGHT_playa_217d6186-27e2-4507-abe1-6e4b8c7b8412_grande BIGBRIGHT_neaptide_grande BIGBRIGHT_BirdofParadise_grande

Ann Tilley


Ann Tilley is a Durham based fiber artist and crafter extraordinaire. She does everything from quilting and knitting, to fashion design, painting, and mixed media art. Her current show just opened, “Love Signs” at The Carrack Modern Art Museum, and is a collaboration between Tilley and letterpress and print artist Megan Burchett. Tilley’s contributions to the show consist of a series of framed, brightly colored, knit pieces, and several large, hand-crocheted, lace banners. The banners are stand out pieces, with goofy sayings crocheted into the patterns. They are beautiful, funny, and an interesting clash between the artistic and the banal.

If you’re in the area, you can check out Tilley and Burchett’s show at The Carrack until Sunday, June 29th. You can also read more about Tilley on her website.





Things to Click…


From the Zimmerli Art Museum’s exhibit.

My brother launched his line of honey today from his sustainable bee removal company, Seven Hills Bee Co. Though you can only purchase if you live in the Lynchburg, Va area, you can ogle his lovely label design in the Instagram picture he took to commemorate the event.

A few weeks ago, Hyperallergic published a great interview of the curators for an exhibit on the history of portraiture, Striking Resemblance: The Changing Art of Portraiture. It very thoughtfully examines the influence of technology on the art of portraiture. Next week I’ll be writing a blog post solely on the article for my job. Links to that to follow some other time.

Now that I’m biking all around town (thank you new presta valve pump, a sturdy bike basket, and boyfriend with screwdriver), I’m looking for nice ways to fit my incredibly thick hair underneath a helmet without looking like a wet rat on the other end of the journey. This list of do’s from Refinery 29 is geared specifically to just such a problem, and has 5 easy hairstyles for girls seeking to look stylish while cycling.

Patrick Martins is known for his call to eat meat more responsibly and sustainably. In fact, he’s written several books on the subject. This week, Food52 published an interview on his latest The Carnivore’s Manifesto. His thoughts on the meat industry, slow food, the reality of creating a food utopia, and the way to eat meat responsibly are definitely worth the read!


Nikki McClure


Nikki McClure is a papercut artist based in Olympia Washington. Her work focuses on activism, environmental issues, and the value of nature and hard work. Entirely self-taught, McClure cuts her pieces exactingly from a single sheet of paper, embracing the simplicity of a two-color (sometimes three-color) process. Her work is blocky and organic, but beautiful and full of joy. Each piece revels in the simple gifts of nature and community. Often her work depicts human figures reveling in the land and the fruits of their labor. She lovingly builds communities in her work and outlines caring and giving relationships between humans and landscape. Ultimately, all of her images encourage the viewer to slow down, take a look, and appreciate the world around him. Aside from prints, McClure has also designed children’s books, calendars, postcards, and other interactive pieces. You can read more about McClure and see a sample of her work on her website. You can purchase some of her prints, cards, books, and calendars on Buy Olympia. And you can watch a movie about her most recent book collaboration, May the Stars Drip Down, here.








20140621-184210-67330270.jpg Sandy toes. Wrightsville, NC.

Trout Ceramics


Trout ceramics is Laura Korch’s line of functional pottery. Full of thick, lumpy, and fun ceramics in cool yellows, pinks, and blues, her best pieces are her cups, mugs, and espresso glasses. With quirky lines in a mix of colors that act to unify her line, she clearly leans towards the more experimental side of her craft. Her pieces are delightful and fun, shaped in solid masses of chunky clay. She began her career studying ceramics everywhere from Michigan to Germany. She has taught at the famous Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina. She now lives and works in Durham, North Carolina, where she also teaches lessons out of her studio and teaches classes for Claymakers, a community gallery for ceramicists as well as a space for classes, workshops, and open studio hours. You can see a very small portion of her work on her Etsy shop, and a much larger portion of it in her studio in Durham, which I hope to someday see. In the meantime, I’ll simply ogle her adorable mugs as well as the whimsical sugar pot and creamer available on her Esty shop.







Things to Click…


It’s been ages since I posted my once weekly “Things to Click,” and I’m excited to get back to it! To start it off, I have this wonderfully well-written essay from The Millions by Jon Sands. It is a beautiful portrait of his Mother, his brother, and the choices that make us who we are. Called “So That If I Died It Mattered,” the essay made me want to read Sand’s first book of poetry, The New Clean.

“Mom Genes” is a short collection of quotes from women who’ve inherited pieces of clothing from their Mom’s closets. It’s a cute and brief look into how clothing and style passes (and sometimes differs) between mother and daughter.

I stumbled on this service a few years ago and then completely forgot about it, but I love Map Envelope, the web site that will print a custom map-lined envelope with message. They’re classy, printable, and free!

I found out about the collection Drawing Autism about two years ago and am still intrigued, moved, touched by it. You can see a small preview of the collection on the blog 50 Watts.



I call this piece, fat cat with cactus.