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Month: September, 2014

Kristina Krough Studio


Kristina Krough is a Danish graphic designer and artist based in Copenhagen. Her work often features textures and materials turned into color profiles (wood, marble, brick, cracked cement, etc.). Angular, highly geometrical, and heavily influenced by Art Deco shapes, Krough’s work is rich in color with a heavy, solid feeling. What is most interesting to me is how her work is highly evocative of texture without actually using texture. I especially love her calendar prints for both 2014 and 2015 as well as her “seasons” print. You can see more of Krough’s work on her website, or check out the collection of prints she did for Ferm Living.








Had a wonderful afternoon playing with clay with Martina Thornhill. I am loving getting to know this talented chick and am feeling so motivated to start on my own work!

Helen Dealtry


Ever needed a $200 scarf? No, me neither, but I can at least write about them. Helen Dealtry is a watercolor artist, textile designer, and the founding artist behind Woking Girl Designs. Her paintings are splotchy, vibrant, and beautiful. But it is her airy scarves that shine with punchy colors and a penchant for pattern play. Her work is pricey, but undeniably breathtaking. She has created patterns for major brands like Madewell, Jcrew, and Anthropologie, as well as independent designers like Wiksten. Her work has also been featured in “The Pattern Box,” a box of 100 postcards featuring 10 contemporary pattern designers curated by the New York Textile Arts Center. I am really loving her current collection of scarves, all of which were handpainted and then digitally printed onto a light fabric. Check out the lookbook for that collection and be sure to take a peek around the rest of her website.







Kordal Knitwear’s Fall 2014 Collection


I know I haven’t written about anything new lately, but there are just so many great fall collections coming out from some of my favorite designers! I wrote about Kordal this summer and Mandy Kordal‘s incredible knit clothing. Today I took a look at Kordal’s fall collection and it is so very covetable. Full of cozy knits in warm colors, I just want to snuggle up into all of these gorgeous new pieces. The knit-pattern on that cardigan-coat is especially amazing! Check some of my favorites here and take a look at her website for past seasons or to shop the collection.


download (1)




Things to Click


I recently read this article on a group called Rolling Jubilee that is fundraising to buying up medical and student debt in order to forgive and then forgive student debt. Part of the Strike Debt movement that emerged out of Occupy Wall Street, Rolling Jubilee has raised $701,317 so far and is specifically targeting for-profit colleges. Join the movement by visiting either page and reading about what you can do! Or register your debt and become a part of The Debt Collective.

I enjoyed this thoughtful article by Ann Friedman on ambivalent feelings towards having children. So many people seem certain (one way or the other) about their feelings towards having kids, but what if you always been unsure? I recently joined Ann Friedman’s Weekly newsletter detailing what she’s written and what she’s reading every week. Totally worth the extra email coming to my invoice.

With cooler weather drifting in to North Carolina this week, I’ve been itching to bake a lot–when it’s 98 degrees it becomes a lot harder to convince myself to turn on the oven. I can’t wait to try out this detailed list of how to match any cookie dough recipe to your ideal texture. Like it gooey? Add 2 cups more flour. Like more flavor? Chill the dough for 24 hours. Seriously, this will be my cookie baking bible.

Fall is here, and delicious, crisp apples are showing up at the farmer’s market. Sure beats any Red Delicious in the grocery store. This article from the Atlantic is a fascinating look into The Awful Reign of the Red Delicious and how it became so ubiquitous despite its disappointing flavor and texture.

Brookes Boswell F/W ’14 and Studio Visit


I spent the past five days on a quick trip up to New York City where I saw good friends, ate good food, and looked at good art. I also met the lovely Brookes Boswell and her new pup in her garden apartment in Brooklyn. She had recently released her Fall/Winter 2014 collection, and was just diving into a bridal collection exclusively available through a shop opening in Brooklyn in the coming year. She had wonderful advice about starting your own creative business, and it was a lot of fun to talk with her about where she get her materials, how she designs her hats, and how she has developed as a designer. You can read more about Brookes Boswell, shop her gorgeous, hand-blocked hats, or see the rest of her current collection on her website. Here, I offer a smattering of photos I took in her studio as well as images from her latest lookbook. Enjoy!








Virginia Snapshots

As further penance for my hiatus, I present some snapshots from the trip Kris and I took to Virginia over Labor Day Weekend. This is to make up for the past couple of ‘Saturday Snapshot‘ posts I’ve missed!




Tiro Tiro’s F/W ’14 Collection


I accidentally took a week (okay, a little more) long vacation from the blog. As penance, I thought I would bring you something really exciting!

If you follow the blog, you know Tiro Tiro is one of my favorite jewelry designers. She just released her Fall/Winter 2014 collection, Cercis, and it’s beautiful. The pieces are a great extension into new territory while maintaining the style and shapes of Teresa Robinson’s work that I love. Robinson has also started making some of her most popular pieces from the Aureus collection in silver, for those who don’t like gold and bronze coloring. Take a look at some of my favorites here, and see the rest of her new releases on her site.

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