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Month: October, 2014

Stella Maria Baer

moon in the round

Stella Maria Baer is a wonderful artist whose work is haunted by the lines and colors of the New Mexico desert where she grew up. Interestingly, she depicts mostly planets and moons on stark, plain backgrounds, but the influence is there nonetheless. She also paints animals and/or people riding on top of other animals. Working from New Haven, Baer works in oils and watercolor and lives with her husband, in addition to pet dog and hedgehog. Trust me, it is worth following her Instagram for the hedgehog pics alone! She is also a phenomenal photographer. Take a look at her work online or follow her Instagram.

all the moons 3

Ganymede (1 of 1)

Mammoth Callisto (1 of 1)

Mars (1 of 1)

moons of our solar system (1 of 1)


I made out like a bandit yesterday with Martina Thornhill goods from the Motorco Saturday Mini-Market. Really wishing this lady wasn’t moving!

Block Shop Textiles


Block Shop is a company based in Los Angeles, California and Bagru, India. Founders and sisters Hopie and Lily Stockman work directly with a cooperative of 20 master printers in Bagru to make their hand block printed textiles. Everything from the carved wooden blocks, to the printing and dying is done by hand. Best of all, their company goes one step further, investing a percentage of its proceeds back into a community fund that provides healthcare for the inhabitants of Bagru. In January 2014 they sponsored a mobile healthcare clinic that brought medical and eye care to the entire population of Bagru. Their next social mission is to tackle issues of sustainable drinking water and adequate disposal of waste water in the community.

Block Shop just released it’s line of Fall 2014 scarves and they are really gorgeous. Printed with non-toxic dyes on a blend of silk and cotton, these scarves are beautiful and full of handmade details. I love how large they are too! Perfect for snuggling into on the way out the door. Check out this incredible company on their website, where you can read more about the hand block printing process, or shop Block Shop’s beautiful scarves. Not that I’m doing a gift guide or anything (WAY too early for those shenanigans), but these would make pretty incredible gifts considering the social mission of the company; it’s almost like giving two gifts in one item!




ZIPPER_CHARCOAL_tall_grande  Stepwell_Pink_Long_no_white_grande




No. 6 X Ace Hotel


I wrote this post yesterday and then was too busy telling people I was going to marry this dude I’ve been dating for three years that I didn’t get a chance to post it! So, not yesterday, but the day before yesterday No. 6 released it’s collaboration fashion line of 6 easy travel pieces designed for the Ace Hotel. The line is inspired by tomboys, and (hilariously) the cartoon Peppermint Patty. The challenge No. 6 set for themselves was to come up with a small collection of basics that would be perfect for any trip and that would mix and match well for easy packing. I think they succeeded pretty admirably. The line consists of one jacket in two different colors, a collared dress, a slim and easy jumpsuit, a leather pouch, and (what No. 6 is already famous for) a pair of Nubuck wedge clogs. The result is effortless, chic, and utterly cool.

dsc_0392_edit dsc_9825edita dsc_0325_edit dsc_0209_edit

Things to Click…


I cannot stop listening (and re-listening) to the new podcast from the This American Life team, Serial. I love it and hate that I have to wait a week for a new episode.

I can’t wait to dive in to some of these reading recommendations from The Strand’s “The Author’s Bookshelf,” featuring the beloved books from public figures like Lena Dunham, David Mitchell, and Terry McMillan. Yes, please!

This article on the dark and complex history of the development of the birth control pill was short and interesting. I’ll probably be adding the book it is actually reviewing to my “to read” list shortly.

I loved this article on the history of airline stewardesses and the height of their reign in the fashion industry in the 60s and 70s. I never even knew that designers like Emilo Pucci designed stewardess uniforms! This article is fascinating, fun, and a great nostalgia trip for lovers of Mad Men and baby boomers alike.

Sara Barner


Sara Barner makes clean, simple, incredibly modern, highly minimalist leather goods. Working in sharp, clean silhouettes, Barner’s work is timeless and classic. Due to their simple, geometrci aesthetic, her pieces are guaranteed to always be in fashion. Based in Portland, Oregon, Barner founded her line in 2008 with a desire to make quality items by pandering to her own obsessive attention to detail. Working exclusively with English bridle leather, Barner makes all of her pieces by hand in her studio. Barner plans to extend her line to eventually include more hardware as well as jewelry. But for now she’s happy to let the materials shine through by sticking to what she does best: classic simplicity. You can follow her on Facebook, or Instagram, or check out her online shop!






This is technically from last Saturday, but I spent all of this rainy weekend thinking about this lovely Saturday assisting Martina Thornhill with an indigo dye workshop on a beautiful day at Rock Quarry Farms.

Sally England


Sally England is a fiber artist based in Michigan and specializing in large scale modern macrame creations. She mostly makes fabulous wall art and tapestries, but she also creates incredible necklaces. In addition she knots installations and other large pieces of home decor like room dividers and curtains as well as simple, modern plant hangers. Her window curtains look so cool that I’m tempted to try making a window installation myself. Unless you follow her Instagram, it’s actually sort of difficult to understand the full scope of her work. You can also read more about her on Steven Alan’s website. In the meantime, check out some of her work here, and hope that you’re luck enough to stumble on a store that sells her pieces, because she doesn’t sell them online.



download (1)

download (2)

download (3)



Cotton & Flax


I sat down later than usual to write and found a hard time picking something from my long list of planned posts. Out of a desire to keep things simple today, I landed on Cotton & Flax’s clean, minimal screen-printed pillows and other textile goods. Designed, printed, and sewn by Erin Dollar, Cotton & Flax’s 2014 collection sports hand-drawn patterns in a lovely, muted navy, grey, and mustard color palette. Dollar makes all of her pieces from linen fabrics and prints with water-based inks. Available in her shop are coasters, tea towels, and napkins. But the real start player of her work are her pillows for their fun patterns and ability to meld into any decor. Take a look at Cotton & Flax’s online shop or follow the line on Instagram.






Things to Click…


I admittedly love Madewell, but still found this article on the brand’s fabricated and purchased history a thoughtful and fascinating look at American retail and the magic ingredient of clever branding.

For the first time ever I downloaded emoticons on my phone when I was a little bored at work. Silly I know, but this article from FastCoDesign on the Neuroscience of Emoticons makes them seem like a heightened form of communication.

I loved this article from Zadie Smith on the aggressive pursuit of self-actualization and the difficulty of making art in Manhattan. Find Your Beach.

I can’t even begin to thank the people who put together this stain database on how to remove any stain you can possibly think of from a variety of different textiles. Brilliant and oh so helpful.