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Month: January, 2015

Things to Click…


I actually haven’t had time to read this article on Billie Holiday and the early origins of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, but I can’t wait to do so! It looks wonderful.

I enjoyed these endearing illustrations mapping the relationships between Indo-European and Uralic languages.

It has finally gotten cold here in the south. To cope, I’ll be using this list of ‘The South’s Best Winter Beers‘ as a guide for cold weather drinking. Thank goodness one of them is brewed right by my house.

This font history from Lapham’s Quarterly is well designed and really fascinating. I especially like the enumeration of of each font’s most recent use.



Takara Design


Takara is the Portland based jewelry line by Jen Goff. She makes all of her pieces by hand, combining the crafts of rope-making, weaving, natural dyeing, hand-hammering of metals, and the traditional Japanese braiding technique Kumihimo. Goff’s work is inspired by her desire to bring beauty into everyday life, and her pieces combine the roughly hewn weight of metal with the light, airy, and smooth elegance of fiber tassels and fringe. You can purchase her pieces online, or follow her on Instagram or Facebook.







Demetria Chappo Ceramics


Demetria Chappo is a Louisiana born, Brooklyn based ceramicist. Her wheel thrown pottery is messy, rough, and beautiful in its unrefined nature. I especially love her minimal use of glazing and the slapdash ways in which she coats her pieces. Chappo finds inspiration in nature, texture, and ancient symbolism, especially that of the evil eye and the phases of the moon. You can shop her handmade, wheel thrown ceramics online, or follow her on Instagram.







Things to Click…


I enjoyed reading this fascinating, painful, and heartbreaking story of a man working through his wife’s relapsing psychosis. I’m contemplating issues of relapse and illness right now myself and found this to capture a lot of complexity.

I really love the ocean and sea animals and anything that swims. This chart depicting how big the biggest sea creatures are in comparison to a human is awe inspiring.

Not sure what to play tonight? Use this flow chart to pick the best board game for every situation.

It’s flu season, and several of my new coworkers have been sick lately. Aren’t you comforted to know that Vitamin C doesn’t do a darn thing to boost one’s immune system or help you get over an illness?

Laura Slater


Laura Slater is a textile designer whose graphic, cool-toned patterns are the perfect punch for any home. She hand prints her pieces, creating pillows, lamp shades, blankets, aprons, and tea towels. She also prints small notebooks, envelopes, and even wrapping paper. Her patterns are unique in that they embrace a sense of movement, and are thus imbued with remarkable energy. A UK artist, Slater’s studio is located in West Yorkshire. You can shop her currently available goods from her online shop, or see more of her work by following her Instagram.






Silvia Song

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Silvia Song is a Bay area based wood turner who creates beautifully simple wooden bowls and other kitchen items. With a background in architecture, Song hand turns, sands, and finishes all of her bowls with a passion for wood and it’s natural properties that is rare. I especially love her indigo-dyed nesting bowls and her walnut coffee dripper. Notably, both of these pieces emerged from collaborations with other artists, a common thread in Song’s work. She has completed projects with the great woodworker Ariel Alasko, ceramics studio Atelier Dion, Heath Ceramics, and natural dyer Kristine Vejar. Her collaborations are vast and inspiring in their creative pairing of talents and materials. Take a look at Song’s work on her web site, or follow her on Instagram.







Things to Click…


I stumbled across this animated wind map yesterday and it’s so pretty and fascinating. Check it out!

I should have featured this wonderful collection of photos featuring backstage scenes of children performing in ‘The Nutcracker’ around Christmas time, but better late than never. They are wonderful.

A friend posted this great infographic on the NASA technology we use on a day-to-day basis. Take a look at the origins of some of the tech we take for granted.

This article about ‘The Town Without Wi-Fi’ and how it has become a haven for technophobes is nutty, interesting…. read it!


Pigeon Toe Ceramics


Pigeon Toe Ceramics is the porcelain line designed by Lisa Jones and produced out of her Portland studio. Her pieces are utilitarian and clean, featuring soft lines, rounded edges, and simple, organic shapes. But this doesn’t keep her line from being both surprising and eclectic. Jones makes the expected housewares including vessels and planters, but has also branched out into pendant lamps, decorative string lights, hanging chimes, and other decor items. She has even recently expanded into the realm of jewelry, which I’ll be writing about later on the blog. In the meantime, take a look at Pigeon Toe’s housewares in Jones’s Etsy shop.