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Month: February, 2015

Brookes Boswell – Spring & Summer 2015


Oh man! Brookes Boswell has killed it again with her Spring & Summer 2015 collection. Full of light, airy, hats and caps for both men and women, the collection is fun and classic at the same time. She also always takes so much care to make her Lookbooks look really stellar, and she’s done a wonderful job with the minimal color palette and simple backgrounds in these photos.

I especially love her oversized sun hats as well as her little Fordhook caps in this collection. Boswell’s work uses vintage shapes, giving them a fantastically modern twist by playing with their structure, materials, and decorative details. She hand blocks all of her hats in her studio in Brooklyn and makes custom hats in addition to her wholesale collections. I’ve been writing about her for a while and have yet to be disappointed by her work. She has a real pulse for quirky but wearable accessories and is great at pairing materials and shapes with the season. Check out her website to see more of her work, or shop her latest collection.








Brita Nordgren


Brita Nordgren is a paper cut and silhouette artist I discovered today while doing some research at my job. Nordgren is based in Durham, and just so happens to be one of the co-owners of The Makery, a small shop in Durham that offers curated, handmade, local goods. Nordgren hand cuts her wonderful paper pieces, as well as creates prints from her cuttings. Her pieces are delightfully intricate. I especially love her beekeeper paper cut piece, as well as her delicate insect silhouettes (though I couldn’t find a usable picture of these). Take a look at her work on her Etsy shop, and keep up with Makery events on their Facebook page.







Things to Click…

nyorker_crisis text line_7

Especially interested in this great story from The New Yorker on a national text message based crisis counseling service after starting my new job at a software company that develops apps and web apps for social innovation.

Enjoyed a few good chuckles today after discovering the Space Beard app; the new age of facial hair.

As a former English major, I am very swayed by the Grammarly app, which promises to catch 10x more mistakes than a normal word processor and corrects grammar and spelling anywhere you write online. It even identifies correctly spelled words used in the wrong context.

I love the podcast Death, Sex, and Money from WNYC. In December they released a recommended book list compiled by soliciting suggestions from listeners. I think it’s a pretty good place to start once I get through the gigantic pile of books to read currently sitting beside my bed.

Warped Threads


Warped Threads is a fairly new addition to the craft community. Formed in 2014 by Nicky and Courtney (last names unknown) from a shared love of tapestry weaving, Warped Threads just released its latest collection. Full of punchy, bright, citrus colors, the line is eye-catching and perfect for spring. Nicky and Courtney make all of their weavings by hand from their studio in Australia, producing unique, one-off creations. You can shop their collection online to see more of their work, or follow their colorful Instagram.