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Month: May, 2015

Lesh: Handwoven Jewelry


Lesh is a line of beautiful, handwoven jewelry by fiber artist Summer Moore. I’ve been following her work for so long I can’t believe I haven’t written about her before now. In fact, knowing my own predilection towards fiber art, my friends routinely tag me on her gorgeous Instagram. Handmade in Brooklyn, each piece is inspired by both Moore’s family history and connection with her grandmother through craft as well as her own study of traditional Andean textiles. Her statement pieces are eye-catching, unique, and playful. I love her use of line and color. Her necklaces are especially stunning, and I love that you purchase each piece base on the palette (warm or cool). Using fibers sourced from Brazil and Germany, each of Moore’s pieces is one-of-a-kind and whimsically stunning. You can purchase her jewelry online though Moore also does custom work if you’re so inclined. In the meantime, simply enjoy feasting your eyes on all this color!

Yilan_Necklace_lo Yaz_grey Lale_necklace_grey Damla_web


Things to Click

Image from Lushloves. Photograph by Phu Tang.

Photograph by Phu Tang for LushLoves.

I made this Brown Rice Salad with Green Miso Dressing last week with my friend Gina and I haven’t stopped dreaming of it since. Simple and delicious. And served cold or room temp, it’s perfect for summer.

I had to get a new planner for the first time in a long time. I’m loving the one I chose from Poketo. With its simple but beautiful design, I actually enjoy writing down my insanely busy schedule.

I found this Spotify playlist a while ago: a compilation of all the music used in Wes Anderson’s films. To no one’s surprise, it is fantastic.

Buzzfeed released a short list of upcoming films directed by women. A couple on the list are not quite my cup of tea, but learning about Advantageous, Madame Bovary, Stockholm, Pennsylvania, The Diary of a Teenage Girl, and Appropriate Behavior made this list bookmarkable.

Nick Lundeen


Nick Lundeen is an incredibly talented metalsmith and lapidary. He makes fine objects and jewelry meant to be practical and enduring heirlooms. Working out of his studio in Minneapolis, he hand-casts, cuts, forges, shapes, and polishes each one of his pieces. Though he’s keen on detail, embracing the traditional, slow processes of his work, Lundeen’s pieces still maintain a rough, unfinished quality. His jewelry especially possesses a worn, natural, traveled quality. Though his metalwork is simple, light, and neutral in tone, his choice of stones is often colorful, lending his pieces quirk and character. I especially love when he uses Dalmation jasper or chooses to highlight the spotted and veined portions of a cut of turquoise. It is the imperfections in Lundeen’s work that lends it beauty and appeal. You can purchase his pieces from his newly launched online store. And I highly recommend you follow his Instagram as well!

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An Update: Been Listening

I have not been updating this blog for many reasons: a demanding (but much-loved) new job, a lot of weaving, and an emotional hell of a winter. It happened gradually. What I thought would be a quick break to allow me to finish up some weaving projects became a several-month-long hiatus. In that time–to my surprise–I have received emails, texts, and in-person requests that I continue the blog. So, though I can’t promise I will update every day as I once did, I am going to place renewed effort in this project I started nearly two years ago. I’ve met a lot of new people making incredible things and shaking up life down here in Durham, North Carolina. I’ve found a lot of beautiful things all over the internet. I’m excited to start sharing them all with you again. I think you’ll love them.

Today though, I offer up an impromptu “Been Listening” post as it seems quite fitting. I’ve written about my good friend’s band The Relatives before on this blog. Recently they wrote and recorded a song inspired by the events in my life the past six months. It’s a beautiful, sad, prayerful song, and I’m so thrilled that something so beautiful has sprung from what has been a pretty painful period. I love being reminded of how talented and wonderful this friend is, and so thankful to have her in my life.

Pushed Around from Relatives on Vimeo.