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Month: June, 2015

Kalika Bowlby Pottery

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Kalika Bowlby is a potter living in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. She has studied and held residencies in ceramics in both the U.S. and Canada and has displayed her work all over both countries as well. And it’s no wonder. Her work is sleek and sinuous with soft, rounded edges and shapes. Often based on vintage shapes and patterns, she tends to keep her palette extremely neutral, which makes her work incredibly appealing and simple. Emotionally, her work has an incredibly calming and comforting feel to it that is timeless. In fact, her aim is to create pieces that will outlast the buyer, heirlooms that become a part of the family and pick up meaningful stories. She also her efforts into useful pieces, mostly having to do with food, an element that expresses her own love for cooking and sharing food with others. To see her work, check out her website. And don’t miss her killer Instagram, which features her more recent work.




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Things to Click…


I love the look of these drawings by Japanese Illustrator Komako Sakai that accompany a 2012 printing of The Velveteen Rabbit.

Neko case wrote a long-form article on successful women and how they are referred to in any particular industry. I haven’t been able to read all of it yet, but given the context, I’m sure it’s nothing less than kickass. Incidentally, I found it on one of my favorite phone apps: Longform.

I went to a Heartless Bastards show this past weekend that I’ve been waiting to see for months. It was phenomenal. And now I can’t wait to listen to their new album, Restless Ones, just released today. If you haven’t heard this stellar band from Ohio, go back and start at the beginning. It’s worth it. They have yet to put out a bad album (though granted, I haven’t listened to their very first album, Stairs & Elevators).

I have a friend who loves to send me the crazy, crass, and wonderfully funny notes men send her on OKCupid. They never fail to crack me up and vastly improve my day. Enter Tinder in Brooklyn. It’s fantastic and fun beyond words.

Fredericks & Mae


Fredericks & Mae has been the label of design team Jolie Mae Signorile and GabrielFredercks Cohen since 2007. They create beautiful game sets, like card decks, darts, and bocce, decorative objects, like tassels and vintage style arrows, and aesthetic practical objects, like brushes and broom. In addition, they make worry beads, cat toys, pendant lamps, and, oh yeah, kites. Seriously, there is nothing these two don’t touch and make infinitely more gorgeous, though their especial talent lies in recreating the nostalgic games of childhood. Self-described as “a project in pluralism,” Fredericks & Mae will try anything, creating “spaces, furniture, interiors, sets, zines, books, … events” and just about anything else that can be redesigned from their unique and colorful perspective. Their look is sleek, modern, graphic, and playful. They use colorful liberally and simple patterns to produce a clean shape imbued with a bit of quirk. Check out their online shop or follow their Instagram for more on this duo.









Murat and Asli Ozsaltik are the husband and wife duo behind Waen. Together, they make handmade geometric terrariums that manage to be modern and airy, and yet classically rustic, and solid. Working out of their home in Istanbul, Turkey their work is inspired by a love for geometry and gardening. Though they make all sorts of terrariums in different finishes, they specialize in copper, which is a personal favorite of mine. From their terrariums to their shop design, everything they touch has a gorgeous, clean look. It helps that they have jaw-dropping photography and a great eye for detail in their work. Take a look at their online shop or follow their Instagram account.







Things to Click…

Photo, Chalkie Davies / Getty Images

Photo, Chalkie Davies / Getty Images

David Byrne wrote this great article on algorithms versus human curation when it comes to music listening habits. A must read!

My very talented and fun friend Wray Bowling stumbled upon this crazy Electroloom on Kickstarter. Essentially, it is a 3-D printer for clothing. My brain is still reeling.

Sangha Teahouse is a local Durham business that I love very much. They host tea tastings and sell downright delicious teas. Well, they just launched their online store so now you can shop their teas from your bed. I’m so excited for this little shop that could!

I’m hosting a makers’ market with live music at my house in July. All the intricate details are still in the works, but Blackberry PopUp Shop has a date, and a Facebook page, which is feeling pretty good for now! Be sure to add it to your calendar!

Bookhou & Kevin Patrick Brown


Bookhou is the collaborative shop by John Booth and Arounna Khounnoraj. They emphasize natural, handmade materials made in small batches and specialize in a beautifully neutral color palette with simple, hand drawn and printed patterns. They make fabulous waxed canvas bags and pouches as well as stuffed rabbits for children, intricate wooden mobiles, and other decorative objects. Today they released a beautiful collaboration of hand dyed linen scarves that they made with Kevin Patrick Brown of Toronto. Dyed in indigo, each piece is one of a kind with unique and carefully constructed dye patterns. The scarves are huge, lightweight, and bold, perfect for summer layering. Oh yeah, and they’re selling out fast. Check out Bookhou’s online shop for the collection.





Temperate Clothing


Temperate clothing is all about natural, organic, and local. Ongeleigh Underwood is the designer and founder of the line. She is devoted to sustainability, environmental advocacy, and classic, simple design. Underwood sources all of her cotton from small scale, US farms. And she uses only organic, natural dyes, Her shapes are simple, loose, and classic. Her colors quiet, and soft. Even her indigo pieces have a lovely, faded, washed quality to them. In addition, 1% of all sales goes to Regenerative Fiber Systems, a program by Fibershed designed to develop and support sustainable agro-ecological models for manufacturing fibers. Check out her shop online!

View More: http://ourampersandphotography.pass.us/temperate-finals-1

View More: http://ourampersandphotography.pass.us/temperate-finals-1

View More: http://ourampersandphotography.pass.us/temperate-finals-1

View More: http://ourampersandphotography.pass.us/temperate-finals-1

Facture Goods


Maker, woodworker, and artist Aron Fischer produces handmade wooden utensils and ceramic wares under the shop name Facture Goods. I love everything he makes. Really. Coffee scoops, cutting boards, berry bowls, salad tongs, salt spoons, butter knives, French rolling pins. Seriously, I can’t stop. He does gorgeous things with woodgrain, and I love his combination wood and brass pieces. He also creates wood-fired ceramics that have a wonderfully chunky, natural, and raw look to them. Best of all? His work is affordable. I believe in makers paying themselves what they’re worth, but I also believe in affordable handmade products. It can be a tough balance to find, but Facture Goods nails it. Check out his online shop, and be sure to follow his breathtaking Instagram.






Things to Click…

Photo, Andrew Hetherington

Photo, Andrew Hetherington

As a seafood lover who always tries to eat local, sustainable blah blah blah, I feel huge twinges of guilt whenever I buy or eat fish. Enter the New York Times’ ‘The Piscivore’s Dilemma‘ by Tim Zimmerman, an exploration and guide on how to eat sustainably from an ecosystem in peril. Thank you food Gods.

Also food related, I stumbled upon this great Guardian article ‘The Queens of Greens.’ Not only is a wonderful article on all the killer lady chefs making healthy food taste great, it’s chock full of excellent recipes!

Tilda Swinton reading the first chapter of Moby DickEnough said. No, seriously. It’s an online version of Melville’s novel read aloud by a mixture of celebrities and unknowns. In other words, I’ve got my weaving background listening taken care of for a while.

I found this fun, interactive color wheel for picking out color palettes and schemes.