Fredericks & Mae

by buckwheatngrits


Fredericks & Mae has been the label of design team Jolie Mae Signorile and GabrielFredercks Cohen since 2007. They create beautiful game sets, like card decks, darts, and bocce, decorative objects, like tassels and vintage style arrows, and aesthetic practical objects, like brushes and broom. In addition, they make worry beads, cat toys, pendant lamps, and, oh yeah, kites. Seriously, there is nothing these two don’t touch and make infinitely more gorgeous, though their especial talent lies in recreating the nostalgic games of childhood. Self-described as “a project in pluralism,” Fredericks & Mae will try anything, creating “spaces, furniture, interiors, sets, zines, books, … events” and just about anything else that can be redesigned from their unique and colorful perspective. Their look is sleek, modern, graphic, and playful. They use colorful liberally and simple patterns to produce a clean shape imbued with a bit of quirk. Check out their online shop or follow their Instagram for more on this duo.