Things to Click…

by buckwheatngrits


I love the look of these drawings by Japanese Illustrator Komako Sakai that accompany a 2012 printing of The Velveteen Rabbit.

Neko case wrote a long-form article on successful women and how they are referred to in any particular industry. I haven’t been able to read all of it yet, but given the context, I’m sure it’s nothing less than kickass. Incidentally, I found it on one of my favorite phone apps: Longform.

I went to a Heartless Bastards show this past weekend that I’ve been waiting to see for months. It was phenomenal. And now I can’t wait to listen to their new album, Restless Ones, just released today. If you haven’t heard this stellar band from Ohio, go back and start at the beginning. It’s worth it. They have yet to put out a bad album (though granted, I haven’t listened to their very first album, Stairs & Elevators).

I have a friend who loves to send me the crazy, crass, and wonderfully funny notes men send her on OKCupid. They never fail to crack me up and vastly improve my day. Enter Tinder in Brooklyn. It’s fantastic and fun beyond words.