Kalika Bowlby Pottery

by buckwheatngrits

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Kalika Bowlby is a potter living in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. She has studied and held residencies in ceramics in both the U.S. and Canada and has displayed her work all over both countries as well. And it’s no wonder. Her work is sleek and sinuous with soft, rounded edges and shapes. Often based on vintage shapes and patterns, she tends to keep her palette extremely neutral, which makes her work incredibly appealing and simple. Emotionally, her work has an incredibly calming and comforting feel to it that is timeless. In fact, her aim is to create pieces that will outlast the buyer, heirlooms that become a part of the family and pick up meaningful stories. She also her efforts into useful pieces, mostly having to do with food, an element that expresses her own love for cooking and sharing food with others. To see her work, check out her website. And don’t miss her killer Instagram, which features her more recent work.




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