Hamish Jackson, Maker Feature for Blackberry PopUp Shop

by buckwheatngrits


Hamish Jackson is a newcomer to the North Carolina craft scene. A glassblower and potter, Hamish is originally from England and moved here to apprentice with Mark Hewitt. His clay pieces are solid, but sleek, with a huge amount of presence and his glass work is colorful and fun. I especially love how the spherous shapes of his glass blowing transfers to his pottery and I can’t wait to see his work in person next Saturday. Living everywhere from Portland, OR to India, to England, he has soaked up a huge variety of influences. But I’m pretty glad he’s settled down in North Carolina, where he lives in Pittsboro and has plans to buy a variety of animals, including goats and chickens. A homesteader at heart, Hamish’s work plays to this urge to make things that are practical, and useful. Stop by the Blackberry PopUp Shop on July 18th to see more of his work and meet him in person!