Rivtak, Maker Feature for Blackberry PopUp Shop

by buckwheatngrits


River Takada-Capel is the founder and maker behind RIVTAK. Tokyo born and Carrboro raised, River focuses on up-cycling materials that she finds on her various travels, collects from the scrap bin at Spoonflower, or stumbles upon in a vintage shop. She skillfully mixes and matches flea market finds with industrial dead stock to create her characteristic bohemian, vintage look. Her work is admirable for its tremendous use of color and pattern as well as its sustainable origins. I especially love her Japanese-style kimonos and her hand-dyed pillows. You can find her work in shops all over the triangle as well as in Richmond, Va and Brooklyn, Ny. Check out her website for lookbooks and her Instagram for lifestyle.IMG_8442 RivTak2015(5)