Irons in the Fire, Maker Feature for Blackberry PopUp Shop

by buckwheatngrits


A graduate of Central Michigan University, Mark Kozma creates functional pottery and woodwork with a strong emphasis on surface design. He has been working in Durham now for four years but has been creating nearly his whole life. A former apprentice of Mark Hewitt, Mark now runs his own creative business Irons in the Fire. He likes to keep things fresh by working in a variety of mediums, switching from the functional nature of ceramics and woodworking, to the more whimsical practice of creating mixed media scultpures. Think his work looks familiar? Well, if you live in Durham you’re probably right. Mark makes all of the cups for Cocoa Cinnamon‘s great teas, coffees, and sipping chocolates. Come snag his work at Blackberry PopUp Shop this weekend!

IMG_0919 IMG_0908