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Grimm Vintage, Vendor Feature for Blackberry PopUp Shop


Blackberry PopUp Shop is one week away and I couldn’t be more excited. The buzz out there is growing, and I’m excited to see all the goods and wares our makers and vendors will be bringing. Today’s featured vendor is Morgan Grimm of Grimm vintage. A curator of vintage housewares and oddities, Morgan has about the best eye for vintage goods that I’ve ever encountered. Growing up with parents that had her tag along to flea markets, thrift stores, and garage sales on the weekends, it was inevitable  she inherited their treasure-hunting genes. When she was 15-years-old, she began unearthing unique home décor on her own, refining her eye for items that have been forgotten and left unappreciated. Her goals are to provide vintage items that have character, charm, and a storied life. She’s also keen on preventing customers and the wider community from purchasing the mass-produced, low-quality, out-sourced, products that have saturated our market today. She’s the genius behind the Durham Patchwork Mini-Market and she’s a wiz curating, connecting, and promoting makers and shakers in the triangle area. Come check her out at Blackberry PopUp Shop next Saturday!




Lo & Behold, Maker Feature for Blackberry PopUp Shop

Lo & Behold Natural Body Care specializes in luxurious all natural handmade body care. Using organic beeswax, as well as high-quality and essential oils, Gina Wisotzky and Elisabeth Chadbourne craft small batch body oils and butter, cuticle cream, lip balms, scrubs, and salves that are both effective and decadent. With a desire to enhance their customer’s well-being through self-care, Lo & Behold focuses on natural and sustainable products. Beyond even their responsibly sourced ingredients, Lo & Behold uses sustainable, recyclable packaging. I especially love their ginger and blood orange lip balm and their Carolina pine body oil. Seriously, the scents are too die for. You can check out their online shop, or come sample and purchase their products at the Blackberry PopUp Shop next Saturday!

Kalika Bowlby Pottery

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 7.09.12 PM

Kalika Bowlby is a potter living in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. She has studied and held residencies in ceramics in both the U.S. and Canada and has displayed her work all over both countries as well. And it’s no wonder. Her work is sleek and sinuous with soft, rounded edges and shapes. Often based on vintage shapes and patterns, she tends to keep her palette extremely neutral, which makes her work incredibly appealing and simple. Emotionally, her work has an incredibly calming and comforting feel to it that is timeless. In fact, her aim is to create pieces that will outlast the buyer, heirlooms that become a part of the family and pick up meaningful stories. She also her efforts into useful pieces, mostly having to do with food, an element that expresses her own love for cooking and sharing food with others. To see her work, check out her website. And don’t miss her killer Instagram, which features her more recent work.




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Murat and Asli Ozsaltik are the husband and wife duo behind Waen. Together, they make handmade geometric terrariums that manage to be modern and airy, and yet classically rustic, and solid. Working out of their home in Istanbul, Turkey their work is inspired by a love for geometry and gardening. Though they make all sorts of terrariums in different finishes, they specialize in copper, which is a personal favorite of mine. From their terrariums to their shop design, everything they touch has a gorgeous, clean look. It helps that they have jaw-dropping photography and a great eye for detail in their work. Take a look at their online shop or follow their Instagram account.







Bookhou & Kevin Patrick Brown


Bookhou is the collaborative shop by John Booth and Arounna Khounnoraj. They emphasize natural, handmade materials made in small batches and specialize in a beautifully neutral color palette with simple, hand drawn and printed patterns. They make fabulous waxed canvas bags and pouches as well as stuffed rabbits for children, intricate wooden mobiles, and other decorative objects. Today they released a beautiful collaboration of hand dyed linen scarves that they made with Kevin Patrick Brown of Toronto. Dyed in indigo, each piece is one of a kind with unique and carefully constructed dye patterns. The scarves are huge, lightweight, and bold, perfect for summer layering. Oh yeah, and they’re selling out fast. Check out Bookhou’s online shop for the collection.





Facture Goods


Maker, woodworker, and artist Aron Fischer produces handmade wooden utensils and ceramic wares under the shop name Facture Goods. I love everything he makes. Really. Coffee scoops, cutting boards, berry bowls, salad tongs, salt spoons, butter knives, French rolling pins. Seriously, I can’t stop. He does gorgeous things with woodgrain, and I love his combination wood and brass pieces. He also creates wood-fired ceramics that have a wonderfully chunky, natural, and raw look to them. Best of all? His work is affordable. I believe in makers paying themselves what they’re worth, but I also believe in affordable handmade products. It can be a tough balance to find, but Facture Goods nails it. Check out his online shop, and be sure to follow his breathtaking Instagram.






Nick Lundeen


Nick Lundeen is an incredibly talented metalsmith and lapidary. He makes fine objects and jewelry meant to be practical and enduring heirlooms. Working out of his studio in Minneapolis, he hand-casts, cuts, forges, shapes, and polishes each one of his pieces. Though he’s keen on detail, embracing the traditional, slow processes of his work, Lundeen’s pieces still maintain a rough, unfinished quality. His jewelry especially possesses a worn, natural, traveled quality. Though his metalwork is simple, light, and neutral in tone, his choice of stones is often colorful, lending his pieces quirk and character. I especially love when he uses Dalmation jasper or chooses to highlight the spotted and veined portions of a cut of turquoise. It is the imperfections in Lundeen’s work that lends it beauty and appeal. You can purchase his pieces from his newly launched online store. And I highly recommend you follow his Instagram as well!

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Brookes Boswell – Spring & Summer 2015


Oh man! Brookes Boswell has killed it again with her Spring & Summer 2015 collection. Full of light, airy, hats and caps for both men and women, the collection is fun and classic at the same time. She also always takes so much care to make her Lookbooks look really stellar, and she’s done a wonderful job with the minimal color palette and simple backgrounds in these photos.

I especially love her oversized sun hats as well as her little Fordhook caps in this collection. Boswell’s work uses vintage shapes, giving them a fantastically modern twist by playing with their structure, materials, and decorative details. She hand blocks all of her hats in her studio in Brooklyn and makes custom hats in addition to her wholesale collections. I’ve been writing about her for a while and have yet to be disappointed by her work. She has a real pulse for quirky but wearable accessories and is great at pairing materials and shapes with the season. Check out her website to see more of her work, or shop her latest collection.







Brita Nordgren


Brita Nordgren is a paper cut and silhouette artist I discovered today while doing some research at my job. Nordgren is based in Durham, and just so happens to be one of the co-owners of The Makery, a small shop in Durham that offers curated, handmade, local goods. Nordgren hand cuts her wonderful paper pieces, as well as creates prints from her cuttings. Her pieces are delightfully intricate. I especially love her beekeeper paper cut piece, as well as her delicate insect silhouettes (though I couldn’t find a usable picture of these). Take a look at her work on her Etsy shop, and keep up with Makery events on their Facebook page.







Warped Threads


Warped Threads is a fairly new addition to the craft community. Formed in 2014 by Nicky and Courtney (last names unknown) from a shared love of tapestry weaving, Warped Threads just released its latest collection. Full of punchy, bright, citrus colors, the line is eye-catching and perfect for spring. Nicky and Courtney make all of their weavings by hand from their studio in Australia, producing unique, one-off creations. You can shop their collection online to see more of their work, or follow their colorful Instagram.