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Rivtak, Maker Feature for Blackberry PopUp Shop


River Takada-Capel is the founder and maker behind RIVTAK. Tokyo born and Carrboro raised, River focuses on up-cycling materials that she finds on her various travels, collects from the scrap bin at Spoonflower, or stumbles upon in a vintage shop. She skillfully mixes and matches flea market finds with industrial dead stock to create her characteristic bohemian, vintage look. Her work is admirable for its tremendous use of color and pattern as well as its sustainable origins. I especially love her Japanese-style kimonos and her hand-dyed pillows. You can find her work in shops all over the triangle as well as in Richmond, Va and Brooklyn, Ny. Check out her website for lookbooks and her Instagram for lifestyle.IMG_8442 RivTak2015(5)


Temperate Clothing


Temperate clothing is all about natural, organic, and local. Ongeleigh Underwood is the designer and founder of the line. She is devoted to sustainability, environmental advocacy, and classic, simple design. Underwood sources all of her cotton from small scale, US farms. And she uses only organic, natural dyes, Her shapes are simple, loose, and classic. Her colors quiet, and soft. Even her indigo pieces have a lovely, faded, washed quality to them. In addition, 1% of all sales goes to Regenerative Fiber Systems, a program by Fibershed designed to develop and support sustainable agro-ecological models for manufacturing fibers. Check out her shop online!

View More: http://ourampersandphotography.pass.us/temperate-finals-1

View More: http://ourampersandphotography.pass.us/temperate-finals-1

View More: http://ourampersandphotography.pass.us/temperate-finals-1

View More: http://ourampersandphotography.pass.us/temperate-finals-1

Lesh: Handwoven Jewelry


Lesh is a line of beautiful, handwoven jewelry by fiber artist Summer Moore. I’ve been following her work for so long I can’t believe I haven’t written about her before now. In fact, knowing my own predilection towards fiber art, my friends routinely tag me on her gorgeous Instagram. Handmade in Brooklyn, each piece is inspired by both Moore’s family history and connection with her grandmother through craft as well as her own study of traditional Andean textiles. Her statement pieces are eye-catching, unique, and playful. I love her use of line and color. Her necklaces are especially stunning, and I love that you purchase each piece base on the palette (warm or cool). Using fibers sourced from Brazil and Germany, each of Moore’s pieces is one-of-a-kind and whimsically stunning. You can purchase her jewelry online though Moore also does custom work if you’re so inclined. In the meantime, simply enjoy feasting your eyes on all this color!

Yilan_Necklace_lo Yaz_grey Lale_necklace_grey Damla_web

Demetria Chappo Ceramics


Demetria Chappo is a Louisiana born, Brooklyn based ceramicist. Her wheel thrown pottery is messy, rough, and beautiful in its unrefined nature. I especially love her minimal use of glazing and the slapdash ways in which she coats her pieces. Chappo finds inspiration in nature, texture, and ancient symbolism, especially that of the evil eye and the phases of the moon. You can shop her handmade, wheel thrown ceramics online, or follow her on Instagram.







Things to Click…


I love these gorgeous chicken portraits by Rolf Hagberg. He somehow captures so much personality and beauty. It just makes me want to own chickens that much more!

This article about embezzlement, an affair, and a subsequent attempted murder reads like a Coen brother’s movie, a descendant of Fargo or Burn After Reading. It’s entertaining, bizarre, and I can’t look away. Read it!

I really enjoy Chinese food, and often try to order the “strangest” thing on the menu whenever we go out to a Chinese restaurant. This guide from Slate on “How to Order Chinese Food” is smart and incredibly helpful if you want to navigate the often extensive menus of American Chinese food restaurants.

I liked this thoughtful essay on a relationship harangued by everyday woes. Nothing earth shattering, but a good read nonetheless.

Virginia Snapshots

As further penance for my hiatus, I present some snapshots from the trip Kris and I took to Virginia over Labor Day Weekend. This is to make up for the past couple of ‘Saturday Snapshot‘ posts I’ve missed!




Things to Click…


This week I am loving this long list of cooking blogs compiled by Of/A/Kind co-conspirators Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo with suggested recipes. It’s a compilation of some of my favorite blogs, along with some new owes, and some great pointers for which recipes to try first. 

Also found in Of/A/Kind’s newsletter this week is Falling Fruit, a mapping site that indicates where you can forage for food in urban spaces. The organization encourages exploration, experimentation, and a respect for natural systems, even in the midst of an urban environment. Look up your address on fallingfruit.org and find unexpected edibles near you.

I know that ALS ice bucket challenge videos are a dime a dozen right now, but this one made by our friend Nicholas Nocera is excellent. He and Alison Rose are the duo behind Columbus based and Ohio prideful screen printing label Alison Rose. His video is artful, cheeky, and short. Check it out!

I recently discovered A Better Queue, a website that helps filter movies and TV shows available for streaming on Netflix into a more manageable list. It combines it’s listings with With a beautiful, clean design, A Better Queue enables you to search using filters like the Rotten Tomatoes “tomatometer,” genre, year of release, and more. It’s kind of amazing. 

Image Credit: from food blog A House in the Hills.

Pocket Art Director


I happened upon this hilarious–and possibly quite useful–product from Fuzzco a few weeks ago. The Pocket Art Director is a twelve sided die with each side offering a snippet of concise art direction. Stuck on a project? Roll the art director! Need creative inspiration or feeling lost in your design? Roll the art director! I keep returning to the site for the online trial they provide. Each instruction is funny, direct, and even (sometimes) helpful. Also available from the site are cheeky t-shirts, bags, and hats


Fuzzco also makes cheeky t-shirts, bags and hats. Essentially a web and graphic design, Fuzzco is a creative agency offering everything from logo design, naming, and brand development, to web designing, email marketing, and digital and social media strategizing. It seems now they have their own small line of tongue-in-cheek design based products, and the Pocket Art Directors is the star. You can check out more of Fuzzco’s designs on their website, including their work for Mario Testino, eHarmony, MailChimp, and Bitttermilk.


ASOS White


Minimalism is really sweeping through the fashion industry right now. “Uniform dressing” is having a big moment, and a variety of clothes in straight lines and simple shapes (for instance, shift dresses) are having a huge comeback. I’ve even felt the minimalist trend influencing my own style lately, especially in the wake of our move. I swept away a lot of old clothes to cut down for the move and replaced these things with just a few key pieces. In response to the growing trend of minimalist dressing, ASOS released it’s own minimal collection called ASOS White. To be honest,  I’m a bit lukewarm on the collection as a whole, and I don’t think I could ever fully devote my wardrobe to the minimalist look, but some of the simple pieces are really eye-catching, and could be a good base for people looking for fresh and trendy updates. However, another strike for the line are the sky high prices. The normally budget friendly fast-fashion company has aimed really high on this one. Check out some of my favorite pieces below and let me know what you think. I normally share things I love on here, but this time I’m curious as to how people feel about this trend. You can see the full collection here





Incredible Things I’ve Seen in Durham So Far…

photo 2
  • Dogs in restaurants and bars.
  • These environmentally friendly vehicles from Organic Transit.


  • Torrential thunderstorms that last well over an hour
  • In that vein, an incredible number of rain barrels, rain barrel gardens, lawns turned into overflowing vegetable gardens and solar powered houses.
  • These gender neutral bathroom signs (spotted at Oval Park Grille, where Kris works)

photo 1

  • Perfectly straight lines of 5 or 6 cats sleeping on the sidewalk
  • The Durham Farmer’s Market (No, really, it’s incredible!).

Incredible Things I Still Need to See in Durham: